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Ivan’s Site Services understands the importance of privacy and security. For this reason, we offer windscreens for those who require privacy along with their temporary fences. Our windscreens come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are made of different materials. From solid vinyl to mesh and knitted polyethylene, windscreens will suit your privacy needs.

Windscreens Specs:

Specifications Overview:

  • Windscreen rentals are available in 4’ & 6’ heights and comes in 50 foot sections
  • Standard color: Green
  • Colors available: Black, Tan, Green

The Many Uses of Windscreens

As the name suggests, windscreens block out breezes. More importantly, windscreens are used to provide privacy. The windscreens available at Ivan’s Site Services are able to block visibility and provide shade as well. So, if you’re looking to experience an outdoor event to the fullest and provide your guests with superb privacy, a windscreen is an excellent option.

Our windscreen rental options come in heights of either 4 feet or 6 feet and come in 50 foot sections. Although the standard color of our windscreens are green, we also have black and tan colors available.

The Most in Security and Privacy

Even though temporary chain link fences provide the security of a placing a perimeter around your event or construction site, they don’t provide much visual security. If you require more privacy to go along with your fence, add a windscreen. They can basically boost the privacy of a temporary fence by 100 percent. Here at Ivan’s Site Services, we offer windscreens to suit any needs you may have. Contact us today for more information on any of our services!