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Specialty Toilets

Why Construction Portables Are The Best Choice

While there are certain projects that do not require a portable restroom, the benefits far outweigh the stress and potential complaints that can result from neglecting to provide one. When construction workers have what they require to relieve themselves during a pressure-filled, physically demanding project, it helps boost energy, focus and efficiency. Forcing workers to find their own bathrooms or share their client’s facility has the potential to create unwanted tension. So, don’t sacrifice productivity by having employees hunt down their own restroom.

Choose Us for On-Site Service

At Ivan’s Site Services, we make your construction crew’s needs a top priority by providing reliable, quality construction portables that are affordable and easy to maintain. We understand the need to have such services available for your construction site. That is why we maintain a high reputation among our El Paso area clients for quality customer satisfaction. For more information on our portable service, contact us today!

Units with wheels

Specifications Overview:

  • Standard static plastic toilet unit mounted on trailer
  • Urinal
  • Fresh water sink (Optional)
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Great for roadwork

Skyscrapers units

Specifications Overview:

  • Equipped with metal straps for crane pickup
  • Lockable door
  • In-use indicator
  • Toilet seat with cover
  • Urinal
  • Fresh water sink with foot pump (Optional)
  • Toilet paper dispenser