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Specialty Toilets

Toilet Rentals for Parties & Special Events

Planning and producing a successful outdoor event includes ensuring that your guests are happy. This is especially important when the need for a bathroom break arises. Often, guests are in a hurry to use the restroom and rejoin the festivities, and the last thing anyone wants is a disappointing bathroom experience. This is why we offer the best in portable toilet rentals. We also ensure that each one is stocked with plenty of toilet paper, air duct ventilation, and indoor space. All of our available services and equipment are designed to help guests feel refreshed, relieved, and ready to return to the event. Ivan’s Site Services also offers latrines for governmental needs. Latrines are portable toilets commonly used by the government. Ivan’s offers latrines that are tan colored and fulfill the government’s requirements.

Units with wheels

porta potty

Specifications Overview:

  • Standard static plastic toilet unit mounted on trailer
  • Urinal
  • Fresh water sink (Optional)
  • Toilet paper dispenser
  • Great for roadwork

Skyscrapers units

portable jon

Specifications Overview:

  • Equipped with metal straps for crane pickup
  • Lockable door
  • In-use indicator
  • Toilet seat with cover
  • Urinal
  • Fresh water sink with foot pump (Optional)
  • Toilet paper dispenser
portable toilet rental

Maxim 3000 Wet Lift Kit

Using a four position cable system that attach brackets at the corners of the toilet and cables which run down the side, through the base, and are securely connected to each other, this kit is specifically designed to lift a single Maxim 3000 unit.

What We Have to Offer

At Ivan’s Site Services, our extensive experience in the portable toilet rental business we have a broad range of different options. Our friendly staff can help you decide which is best to meet your guests’ needs.

Our Maxim 3000 model complements any party or special event with its ultra smooth, sleek exterior and spacious interior. It is designed without any ledges that tend to collect dust, debris and waste. This helps the unit stay clean longer than any other portable unit we provide. It also includes a rounded- wall interior to add to the spaciousness and a unique contoured tank for comfortable sitting.

The Maxim 3000 offers the following features:

  • Maximum Ventilation
  • Roomy Interior
  • Anti-Slip Floor Surface (for improved safety)
  • Occupancy Signal Latch
  • Two Tissue Rolls
  • Sanitary Seat Deck & Floor Design
  • Translucent Roof for Better Lighting

Developed as an entry level restroom, the Global still provides guests with a rich assortment of benefits. The patented Dirt Buster base, with its open grid floor design, allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom. In addition, guests have a convenient corner shelf, an extra roll of toilet paper and a large door latch that they can operate with the elbow rather than by hand, preventing the spread of germs.

Reserve Your Party & Special Event Toilet Rentals Here

When planning an event, we can help you determine how many portable toilet rentals and handwashing stations you’ll likely need to best accommodate your guests. To help determine this number, take into consideration the maximum number of guests, duration of event, and whether or not alcohol will be served. With this information, we can help you determine the most appropriate number of units you should reserve. Contact us today for a free quote!