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Sand Traps

Quality Sand Trap Service

Here in the Sun City, it can sometimes feel like the ‘Sand City’ with our dry desert winds. Unfortunately, an excess of sand build-up can prevent your business from providing the effective services your customers expect. This can put you at risk for being noncompliant with city and state regulations. Some of the places that require regular sand trap services include car washes, car/truck dealerships, and service shops. At Ivan’s Site Services, we provide quality removal and disposal services for businesses in El Paso and the surrounding communities.

Specifications Overview:

Car washes, car and truck dealerships, service shops, sand traps, oil/water separators, clarifiers are some of the type places that require pumping and disposal of mud, sand, water and oils. Any place that washes vehicles, equipment, floors and etc. Usually have a sand trap interceptor that catches that sand. grit, mud and oils from these items and areas. We have a fleet of pump trucks ready to service your sand trap.

Professional Pumping & Disposal Services

Businesses that use sand traps typically have a sand trap interceptor that catches water, sand, grit, mud, and oils. Our professional sand trap service can quickly drain and dispose of sand and grit build-up. We utilize high-quality industrial equipment including sand traps, oil/water separators and clarifiers in order separate waste materials and properly remove it from the storage tanks. Our powerful pumping and disposal equipment is built to collect and remove the most sand and grit left in the tanks, while remaining cost-effective for our customers.

Effective Waste Removal in El Paso

Our fleet of pump trucks are ready to help whenever your place of business needs top-quality sand trap pumping services. Ivan’s Site Services also offers fast delivery and emergency assistance for any place of business that utilizes sand traps. We guarantee our services will meet your satisfaction. With regular sand removal, we can help keep your business running smoothly and in compliance with all state and local regulations. If you would like more information on any of our sand trap services, contact our El Paso office today!