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Reducing Job Site Theft and Other Expenses With Temporary Fencing

Did you know that adding a fence around your job site can indeed help reduce your overall project expenses? With the rise of site theft across the U.S., doing your part to avoid becoming a victim can mean the difference between saving money or losing a substantial amount, well beyond investing in a temporary fence. Consider this: over the last 10 years, site theft has grown to an annual loss of $1 billion. Ouch!

Prevent Theft On Your Job Site

Vandalism is quite common in our community, unfortunately. In some cases, the cost of vandalism can outweigh the cost of replacing materials and tools. But our goal is for you to avoid these experiences.

One of the reasons theft is high for construction job sites is because security tends to be limited. When burglars have easy access to the site, it allows them to easily take equipment in places that lack surveillance. The same goes for materials. Sites without fencing risk the possibility of stolen construction material and tools. Providing a sturdy fence around your site can instantly reduce or eliminate any of these possibilities.    

Increase Safety With These Fencing Options

Here at Ivan’s, we provide measures that help prevent costly issues such as theft. By safeguarding your construction site with fencing, you’ll easily deter any potential burglars or thieves from even considering making their way to your site.

Here are two temporary fencing options that will achieve this:     

  • Chain Link Fencing- Acting as the first layer of security, a chain link fence is perfect for stopping thieves in their tracts. Without the ability to simply walk on over, a chain link fence makes it more much more difficult for burglars to enter the site. It also prevents the public from entering your site, which is especially important for safety reasons.
  • Barbed Wire- When someone sees barbed wire, they know you mean business. Barbed wire prevents possible intruders from even attempting to climb over the fence as they may with other barriers. This type of temporary fencing is especially good for areas that tend to experience heavy theft and vandalism.  

Give Your El Paso Site the Professional Service It Needs — Contact Ivan’s Site Services Today

Whether your planning a construction site, residential project, or a new commercial building, you need reliable temporary fencing. Ivan’s Site Service is here to fulfill your needs. We know that temporary fencing is key in creating a safe construction site and we also know that with proper fencing your overall expenses can be reduced.

Connect with us today and we’ll help guide you in the right direction!    

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