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Improve Morale at Your Construction Site With Portable Toilets

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El Paso has become consumed with construction over the last couple of years. As a construction project manager, this is great for you and your company! Our city’s growth is made possible by your crew! There’s no doubt that with the high demand for construction, your top priorities include keeping your crew safe, managing efficiency, and making sure everyone is invested in the work itself. Morale has everything to do with these matters.

While there are many contributing factors to your team’s attitude and work ethic, we know the nature of construction work is stressful in itself. This type of work deems high levels of expertise and caution. Our role as a sanitation company in El Paso is to help you and your crew have a reliable place to go while you’re out there in the often blistering sun, working tirelessly.

At Ivan’s Site Services, we provide reliable construction portables with the goal of giving your El Paso construction site the cleanest and most convenient portable toilets around. By using our portable toilets, you will, in turn, improve the morale of your team. Here’s how:

Increased Safety and Sanitation

We know it’s extremely important that your crew maintains good health. When it gets hot outside, workers are more likely to increase their water or sports drink intake as a means of staying hydrated. Having a portable toilet nearby will ensure workers are not holding it in, which is extremely harmful to the body. Holding in large amounts of urine for an extended period of time can expose the body to harmful bacteria and can result in a bladder infection or urinary tract infection (UTI). We strategically place portable toilets in areas that are safe and convenient so that throughout the day workers will be able to quickly access the portable toilets and return to work with ease.    

Enhance Client Respect

Many times clients will pop in and out of the construction site. Some will stay for extended periods of time and when this does happen, it’s important to provide them with a clean and convenient place to go. If your site doesn’t have access to water, it won’t be possible to provide them with a separate bathroom. However, by maintaining clean portable toilets (the ones your crew use), you won’t have to feel worried or ashamed about pointing them to the nearest porta-potty because they’ll be clean and comfortable.  

Preserve Productivity

In addition to making sure your crew is able to safely relieve themselves as often as needed, those easily accessible portable toilets will also keep productivity high. No one will have to walk far distances, leave the site entirely, or much less have to worry about where to go. Having nearby construction portables is one of the best amenities you can offer your hardworking crew.

Give Your Construction Crew the Best Portable Toilets in El Paso — Contact Ivan’s Site Services

Ivan’s Site Services has been serving El Paso for over 20 years. Our commitment to construction is deep. We have complete respect for what you and your team achieve for our city and we know that it requires persistence and unparalleled responsibility. That’s why we’re here to serve you!

Contact us today to learn more about our construction portables.  

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