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Grease Traps

Grease Traps for Waste Collection & Removal

Our grease traps are designed to flawlessly trap and remove large amounts of oil from entering plumbing systems and septic environments. It’s important to remove fats, oils and greases properly. This must be done in order to not overwhelm the drain systems, which can make it impossible to process waste. These traps separate the grease from the water and allow the water to pass through to other areas of plumbing. Ivan’s Site Services offers a variety of different sized grease traps to facilitate the amount of grease that needs professional waste disposal in El Paso.

grease traps

Specifications Overview:

The trap works by slowing down the flow of warm or hot fatty water by the use of baffles covering the inlet and outlet to the tank, thereby allowing the liquid to cool sufficiently so that the grease and oil separate and float to the top of the chamber. Grease traps are normally supplied from 100 gallons and up.

Uses and Benefits of Grease Traps in El Paso

Grease traps work with the use of coverings for the inlet and outlet of the tank. With this coverage, the trap slows the water flow and cools the temperature of the fat. This makes it possible to easily remove the grease from the water. For this reason, the result of not having a grease trap can be harmful. You could have a blocked drain pipe from the fat hardening and blocking the flow. It can also be harmful to the environment when excess oils and greases do not separate and cannot spread throughout the plumbing system.

Protecting Water and Plumbing Systems

Our pumping services provide any kind of restaurant or cooking facility with heavy-duty grease traps. Our grease traps will properly collect and dispose of waste materials. They can help in protecting the water and plumbing systems in your area. Ivan’s Site Services is available to provide El Paso and the surrounding areas with quality, professional waste removal services. Contact us today!