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Here at Ivan’s Site Services, we understand the importance of temporary fences. But what is a temporary fence without the right gates? Whether you’re working a construction site or an outdoor event, you need to include gates that will allow construction workers and patrons access the inside of the perimeter while keeping others out. The gates of a chain link fence are as important as the fence itself. So, no matter what you require, Ivan’s has you covered.

The Importance of Reliable Gates

Fence gates are imperative for security and stability. No matter the reason, your outdoor event will be secure and accessible by those who need access. Don’t worry about flimsy or untrustworthy gates. Here at Ivan’s Site Services, we offer many gates of all shapes and sizes. Our gates are specially made to provide the strength you require. So, to put it simply, our gates are able to suit all your needs. Contact Ivan’s Site Services today for more information on any of our services!


Specifications Overview:

  • Slide gates have wheels on the outer edge of the gate and are pulled Open Parellel with fence line
  • Gate Height: 6 Foot
  • Gate Opening: 12’ & 24’


Specifications Overview:

  • Gate height :6 foot
  • Gate configurations are single gates and double gates
  • Pedestrian gates: 4’width for walk thru gate
  • Single gate: 12’ width for vehicle access
  • Double gate: 24’ width for truck access