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Security Fencing

A Clear Boundary Marker

Embarking on a construction or land development project will likely include the use of a boundary marker before construction can begin. A chain link fence rollout is an effective way to set the correct boundaries for workers and non-workers alike. If you haven’t placed boundary lines clearly and visibly, non-workers may unknowingly cross onto your site. Due to the nature of many construction work sites, this can become a serious safety hazard. Ivan’s Site Services provides professional chain link rollout fencing for any type of commercial or residential project.


Barbed Wire

  • Three strands
  • 6’ chainlink in high vandalism areas
  • Prevents anyone from climbing over the fence


Top Rail

  • Prevents fence line from being bent
  • Provides strength to fence and makes it look more permanent
  • 1 3/8 pipe


Tension Wire

  • Prevents fence line from sagging
  • Adds security from underneath
  • Adds strength to chain link fence
  • Makes chain link fences look permanent


Chain Link Fence in El Paso

Ivan’s Site Services has expanded to serve our customers’ fencing needs in addition to portable waste storage and disposal. We currently have multiple dimensions of chain link fence rollouts to choose from. Our selection of sturdy and economical fences are available in 6’ or 8’ height options. We make sure each fence is secured into two feet of ground. Fences can be installed on any surface including ground, asphalt, or concrete. This type of fencing is simple and effective with vertical reinforcement throughout the length. Maintain the necessary boundaries for your equipment and building project with our temporary fencing.

Trust the Professionals

At Ivan’s Site Services, our commitment is to provide excellence in every service we offer, including chain link fencing. Our goal is to keep customers satisfied and we guarantee our professional services will do just that. We provide strong and durable fencing that will match any previously established location boundaries. When you are facing a construction project that needs professional assistance in every detail of the process, we can help. Contact us today for more information!